Little Horse Trailhead Sedona

Little Horse Trail begins as part of the Bell Rock Pathway. Follow this wide trail southward for ¼ mile. Here, at a signed fork, take the old jeep road branching to the left and marked with basket cairns. The road drops to cross a dry streambed, climbs a bit and ends at the ¾ mile point. The trail continues to the left and climbs moderately, topping out on a large, flat expanse. Turn to the right here. The level trail leads into a stand of Arizona cypress and intersects a trail on the left coming from the chapel as it nears the “Madonna and the Nuns” spires. Nice views. At 1.4 miles, it passes through a gate. Continue for 150 yards passing the base of the knobs of Chicken Point on the left. Take the path left for a short climb onto the bare rock for wonderful views. This point is used by jeep tours via Broken Arrow Road. Return by the same route for a 3 mile roundtrip hike . The hike can also be extended eastward from the base of Chicken Point into the Wilderness area (no bicycles allowed) on the Jim Bryant Trail. Little Horse Trail is mostly unshaded and hot in summer.